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Walking down a desolate undulating path of pumice and glass shards, each precarious step reminds that the old flow is alive. It breathes. Pele's limited hospitality greets with plumes of cumulous smoke, a confetti mixture of boulders, lava and sulphuric spray. This mixture is tossed to over one hundred feet and carried by the tropical winds as a greeting card in all directions. Yet each guest arrives with ...

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Considering a Course in Miracles

The story of how the Course In Miracles came to be is as profound as the Course itself. Rather than writing it's fascinating and unfolding here, I would recommend looking online for the many versions. There are two books that I'd suggest reading:"Absence From Felicity" by Kenneth Wapnik ... lengthy but the story is amazing. And "Love Is Letting Go Of Fear" by Gerald Jampolsky. A classic and such a spiritual book but I don't believe ...

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Rev. Stephanie Clarke

Have you ever wondered about the connection between chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs and the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ?

We have the pagans to thank for the sweet legacy that has been passed down to us at Easter time. When I say “pagans” I don’t mean “heretics” in the derogatory way that the Christians meant it when, at the end of the 4th century, Christianity became ...

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Rev. Andre van Zijl

We each live busy lives, harried by endless never completed to-do's and unexpected complexity. Overwhelm threatening us at every turn. Yet, with the generosity of time, seasons turn, offering us repeated opportunities to be renewed. Ramadan, Easter and Passover are examples of three such yearly occasions, when the door of eternity opens wider, offering us each a chance to be self-reflectively ...

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Passover Journey

The Passover Journey: (Zen Steps to Freedom, Jewish Koans for All)

Passover is a universal journey to the Promised Land, a world governed by beauty, love and harmony. This is a journey we all long to make, one which takes place both within and without. There are steps to take as we pass through the constrictions in our lives, as a path to freedom opens. This journey can ...

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