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Bighorn Medicine Wheel - Wyoming

I sit here, meditating on the vision of Black Elk. Black Elk, from a young age, had the vision of the medicine wheel coming back together. A hula hoop of all these different colors, rejoining and being healed. That is the time that we’re in now, experiencing the shift of everything coming together. There is so much in the physical/exterior world that divides ...

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Rev. Helen G. Rousseau

Sometimes when I travel on roads covered with asphalt, I can almost hear the ground below it crying to me: “My breath fails me, my voice is silenced by noises overhead. My land is barren for lack of sun and rain. I once was rich and beautiful with grasses, flowers, and trees, but progress has been covering these lands, free for millions of years. This does not stop ...

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Rev. Carolyn Tobin

Our unique purpose, calling to us from a sacred place of inner knowing, is a subject near to my heart. I recently said yes to a dream that took root thirty-seven years ago. Not long after my ‘big yes’, I came across a book by Dr. Terrari Trent, that fired up my interest and passion even more, The Awakened Woman: A Guide to Remembering and Igniting your Sacred Dreams (2017). ...

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Call of the Jingle Dress

Grieving has no time structure, boundaries, or limitations.

My own grieving took on a life of its own, when my mother unexpectedly passed on December 17, 1983. I was 26 years old. But my age at this point ceased to matter, as time stopped. Existence was on autopilot. Days drifted into nights, months, then years.

My lifeline is my family: Atikameksheng ...

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I confess I rather enjoyed being not–so–discreetly perused by the slightly disapproving eyes of those around me—most notably from the older women, escorted by their distinguished husbandry, drenched in their long furs, dawning freshly coiffured colored perms, and swaying those dangly earrings side to side with every move. All notable signs of those known to be well–appointed and, of course, destined to sit in the front row of the mezzanine of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum that night in 1979 in ...

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