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God Messages

Written by: Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas | Posted on:

God Messages><

I am a believer in signs and messages. I love taking long walks and usually take my camera with me, capturing some amazing photos.

For instance, once, I headed up North Main Street to find a heart-shaped knot in the base of a tree. I felt like it was a message from Above, saying, “Psst, Linda, you are loved.” I mean, it’s not every day you find something like this, so it must mean something, right?

What better way to walk through life than to hear and see messages from the Divine? My experience is that these messages come daily. For those not attuned to listening, they can come and go unnoticed or as a total surprise that can frighten or intimidate them. But, when you practice looking with the heart and not just the eyes, these messages abound!

Think about it ... you are feeling down, perhaps you had an argument with someone you loved, or something happened that disappointed you. As you drive down the street, in front of you is an amazing sunset. Orange, gold and lavender blaze across the sky. It is breathtaking! I see that as a message...God tells us, “All will be well.”

I have been told I look at the world with rose colored glasses, but I beg to differ. That statement leads one to believe that the person wearing the glasses doesn’t see things realistically. I see things very realistically. I know there is pain, and hate, and disappointment, and disease. I also know that Creator sends us love and beauty and kindness and serendipitous events that bring His Light into those dark places. All we need do is open the door of our heart and mind to let in that Light.

As our days get shorter with the coming autumn, may we all take time to open the doors to the Light. May we all listen and look for the messages.


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