Certificate Workshops

These educational events, seminars, classes, etc., are created and designed by World AWAKE members who are facilitators in their respective fields of expertise. They own the copyright information in which they are facilitating, unless otherwise noted.

World AWAKE, Inc. and all its Reciprocal Partners are in no way responsible for the fees, class materials, delivery or method of the classes.

These classes are open to the public, unless otherwise noted. We encourage every attendee to contact the facilitator directly for any questions, comments or concerns you may have prior to registering. The selection of a learning organization, facilitator, teacher, is the sole responsibility of the seeker.

World AWAKE welcomes feedback, testimonials or other comments about the facilitators and classes.

Note to facilitators: Donations are greatly appreciated.

Pay it Forward
and Honorary

All Faiths Seminary International Divinity School

All Faiths Seminary offers a variety of workshops for the minister student, ministers, alumni, and anyone interested in our topics. Workshops are offered under All Faith Seminary International using the Zoom platform.

These electives compliment the minister's educational studies. The schedule for these courses listed below will be announced throughout the year.

The following Workshops are given by All Faith Seminary International and will be announced and take place throughout the school year. The workshops range from 1 to 10 sessions as needed for the topic.

If interested in any of the above Programs or Workshops, please contact Rev. Dr. Kathleen Regan at allfaithsseminaryny@gmail.com

  1. Crash of Angels
  2. Baby Blessing Intensive
  3. Baby Naming
  4. Chaplaincy
  5. Courageous Conversations
  6. End of Life Doula
  7. The Enneagram as Part of Your Spiritual Path
  8. Hebrew
  9. Kabbalah
  10. Mysticism
  11. Pranayama and the Art of Right Breathing
  12. Praying in White and Black – with Zentangle
  13. Prosperity and Abundance
  14. Sacred Art
  15. Sacred Healing Treatments and Affirmations
  16. Sacred Hebrew Chanting
  17. Sacred Hindu Chanting
  18. Spiritual Counseling
  19. Sacred Psychology
  20. Social Justice
  21. Sacred Poetry
  22. Sacred Rituals
  23. Sacred Wedding Intensive
  24. Sanskrit
  25. The New Light Temple Interworship Services
  26. Vow Renewal


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