InterWorship is an on-line gathering of the world’s various prayer and worship services. In sharing these services, it is our hope and aim to educate, eliminate fear and promote peace. So much misunderstanding comes from fear of the unknown. It is our prayer that with exposure to the world’s faith services and traditions will come greater tolerance, respect and understanding.

As these services are available on-line, they may be viewed anywhere there is internet connection - in the comfort of people’s homes, in offices, classrooms and in more remote areas where such services would otherwise not be seen. Equipped with a smart phone, tablet or laptop, a person who is ill or infirm may worship from their bedside.

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Websites with locations of these services and congregations are provided in order to help the spiritual seeker searching for a spiritual home---whether it be in their own tradition or another. It is an opportunity for faith congregations to communicate their message and share what they offer as well.

InterWorship is the recognition that by whatever language we worship the Divine, God (by whatever name or no name) is ONE. The spirit of which is inclusive, all embracing and rooted in Universal Love. We at World Awake assert that each religion and human being are God’s vessels created to make manifest the Light within. It is the recognition that these vessels, though externally different, burn with the same Divine fire. There is no us versus them. No you versus me. We come together to praise God and celebrate unity in diversity.

The term InterWorship and its concept were given to Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, our Executive Director of Global Outreach and InterWorship, while in communion with the Divine.

With hearts filled with love and joy, we welcome you to join us.

Interworship Forum Contributors

Interworship Forum Contributors are a non-membership category of World AWAKE. The InterWorship Forum is a new and evolutionary concept in on-line interfaith worship and spiritual outreach on a global level. Anyone connected to the internet from anywhere in the world will have access to the world's worship services. We see this as a powerful tool for interfaith education and understanding, one that promotes world peace. Through this forum, spiritual seekers, those affiliated with a congregation and those who are not, will have an opportunity to worship, learn and explore via their digital devices, from the comfort and convenience of wherever they may be. Interfaith seminaries and other educational institutions may use this forum as a teaching aid. As a member of the InterWorship Forum, World Awake supports and promotes your organization in the following ways:


  • We feature videos of your worship services and events via YouTube on the InterWorship section of our website.
  • We promote your services and events, including videos, on all of World Awake's Social Media.
  • World Awake will feature announcements and links of your services and events in our Newsletters.
  • Your events, services and video links will be promoted on the calendar section of our website.
  • Having your featured videos available and accessible 24/7 provides additional exposure to your organization around the world
  • In joining the InterWorship Forum, you are instantly connected to a global network of people and organizations who promote peace and healing. You will be welcomed at our spiritual retreats and our zoom networking sessions. At these sessions we share ideas as to how we can better support one another. We encourage our members to share their needs in order to better support their efforts for good.

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We prefer all videos to be hosted in your spiritual organization's YouTube account. Here is the easy 4 step process that is needed.

  1. Create a new YouTube account or use an existing YouTube account at
  2. Create a YouTube Playlist. A Playlist is much like selecting a few songs from your entire music list. It is the same with videos. You may title your videos as to the type of service. For example, you may list specific holiday/holy days services.
  3. Send World AWAKE your link to your Playlist.
  4. Continue to add to that same Playlist of your specific videos you are desiring, i.e. Sunday Services, Keynote talks, etc.

We require a YouTube Playlist instead of a YouTube Channel to allow for specific videos to be displayed rather than all videos displayed. The image below indicates the Playlist selection in YouTube.


If you are in need of help to create your Youtube account, create or upload videos, Mike Schienle with Custom Visuals, LLC may be able to assist you. Mike is our World AWAKE Webmaster.

Fee: Free
Category: Non-Membership

Questions: How many videos can be shared to each spiritual organization, church or affiliation?
Answers: If your organization has a YouTube account established, then World AWAKE can share the videos from that Playlist as they are added. We provide 4 entries from your Playlist at the top of your listing on World AWAKE’s website. We provide a subsequent link to a page listing up to 50 of your Playlist videos. This depends on how many videos are in your Playlist.

InterWorship is rooted in love and respect for all people. InterWorship celebrates diversity.
World AWAKE has the right to decline videos that imply any derogatory, racially or politically charged content.
World AWAKE is not responsible or liable for the content of the videos posted by those on the InterWorship Forum.
YouTube has strict copyright rules in place for music and video content. We cannot discuss or negotiate any violations of YouTube policy on your behalf.


World Awake is an international inter-collaborative organization of ordained interfaith/interspiritual clergy, spiritual care professionals, respective students, business associates, communities and congregations. In the words of World Awake’s founder Carla Ivison, “We are building bridges to a peaceful world community.”

We see InterFaith InterSpiritual Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals and those who support them as positive contributors to the shift in consciousness and spiritual connections globally. World Awake supports and connects those who heal and work for peace.


The Universal Worship was the inspiration of Hazrat Inayat Khan, a mystic scholar and musician who brought Universal Sufism to the West from India. He created a service wherein the followers of any of the world’s religions could feel at home. The first service was celebrated in 1921 and since that time has been held in many countries around the world. Temples dedicated to the Universal Worship, called Universels, have been built in Katwijk, Holland; Suresnes, France; Bothell WA, USA; and Cape Town, South Africa. Universal Worship has participated in the Parliament of World Religions held in Barcelona (2004), Salt Lake City (2015) and Toronto, Canada (2018). Hazrat Inayat Khan’s work was continued by his son, Pir Vilayat Khan, and currently by his grandson, Pir Zia Khan.


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World Yoga Community

World Yoga Community is a not-for-profit charitable organization and an NGO Associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. It is organizing numerous global festivals, meetings, gatherings, trainings, events, workshops and classes on Yoga, Interfaith dialogues, Gender Equality, Universal Spirituality, Global Culture of Peace & Harmony, Non-violence, Healthy Living, Environmental Protection and Climate Change, Spiritual Arts and Sports, Global Social and Cultural Development, Indigenous Knowledge, Millennium and all Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. World Yoga Community believes that acknowledging our elders, parents, and Gurus (Masters), will bring grace to each individual who seeks spiritual path and higher consciousness which is a universal education that can bring global peace and harmony. World Yoga Community is doing numerous partnership events with individuals and NGOs including from the United Nations.



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Heiwa [hey-wa] Peace & Reconciliation Foundation of New York Ltd

Heiwa [hey-wa] Peace & Reconciliation Foundation of New York Ltd. supports annual Hiroshima & Nagasaki peace events in August, promotes awareness of issues relating to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and general issues in relation to war, conflict and violence, with the intent of taking a proactive approach based upon Eastern religions to create a peaceful world. The Foundation works to give life to the wish for peace. It creates and supports programs related to peace and reconciliation at the grassroots level, so that ordinary people will learn to live peacefully with compassion and love, transforming violence in our society to peace.

    Healing our mind and body with wisdom, love and compassion,
    Emancipating ourselves from bias, greed and violence,
    I shall do something for peace and reconciliation in my own way.
    We are ordinary people, sometimes smart, and sometimes dumb,
    And therefore, we listen and learn from each other to build a peaceful world.

“Heiwa” poem by TK



Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt

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InterWorship Services

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