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Clergy Fellow

Learning and growing is a JOY. My experience is that enlightened teachers never stop living. As a teacher, my calling is to bring out the beauty you never knew you had, and to raise you like the wind that carries the leaf to the forest floor, to the silence residing inside you-your divinity.
Loving compassionate community retreats are a marvelous way to experience and realize how we are all connected. There is something sacred about sharing our learning with fellow sojourners. A huge bonus is that when others see our beauty, they can support our experiencing our own inner beauty. We grow from a small community to the world community-living in love.


All philosophical and religious traditions emphasis the importance of knowing yourself-which is the most difficult lesson in the world. You may be "sleeping" and forgotten or buried your authentic self deep inside you or be separated from it outside you. In order to be a happy content human being you must be living from inside your authentic self: All change comes from the heart. We can only be happy when we are on our true soul path.

Taking your journey with Tarasa, you will be guided through various multidimensional interactive processes and initiations. For example, you will have the opportunity to look at relationships. Tarasa will guide you to look into how you can deepen your bond with your "divine self" and connect to the truth inside you. If you are ready, you may create healing, insights or miracles. Miracles happen where peoples heart and mind are open.

Published book, "Encounter With God." Published many articles related to diverse topics including global spiritual leadership.
Services Provided To: ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE?
Albert Einstein was correct, "The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." Change requires making new choices. If you truly are ready to expand your heart consciousness to begin with you must be willing to take responsibility for what thoughts you dwell on. You can't control what thoughts come to your mind, but you can decide what you do with them. And you can learn to drop into your heart center.

Tarasa works with individuals and communities who are interested in living from their hearts.
Bio: On my personal journey, I began experiencing wholeness when I felt heard. The day after I graduated from high school, I set out to get free. I spent years in therapy searching for someone to listen. Most people never listen. A poem in my first book, "Encounter With God," called 'Clothes On My Back,' depicts this aspect of my spiritual journey. Ultimately, my pilgrimage gave me the exquisite gift of deep listening. Turns out that I was the person that had to listen. What I realized is that we must learn to listen to our own souls; listening is where love begins.

First, we learn to love ourselves; then we learn to love our neighbors, then we learn to love our enemies (sometimes our neighbors are our enemies), and in the fullness of time we learn to love God. This is the evolution of consciousness and compassion. No matter where your personal journey takes you, to discover the inner path of wisdom and truth, you must dive into the depths of your heart. It takes great resolve and courage being peaceful human beings and compassionate enlightened world leaders.

A principal question I ask is, "What can I do to be a proper vessel through which love can flow into the world?" For you, your heart will direct the next perfect step on your personal journey towards wholeness and enlightenment. It's the heart that understands: your heart knows everything and when it calls you it will guide you. Listening is a huge responsibility. Deeply listening, you discover the voice that doesn't use words; silence. Silence is the infinite opportunity to expand your heart and transform.

Once we know and trust our capacity to create miracles, we will experience the effortless flow of harmony, joy, and happiness in our own lives. The World Soul is nourished by people's happiness. So, when challenging times arrive (and they will), we will have the resolve and courage to be compassionate human beings. Carol Pearson reminds us, "The job of heroes is to enlighten the world by loving it, starting with themselves. Their task is not to slay the dragon, within or without, but to affirm the deepest level of truth about it: that is, that we are all one."

Connectedness is the natural state of being.

As an alchemist for spiritual awakening, any knowledge that I may pass on is to make you thirsty: knowledge is not wisdom or truth-consciousness is. My calling is to inspire your multidimensional expansion from the inside out. You are roused to discover God for your self: living in conscious awareness you will discover your innermost being, divine self. Awareness melts fear like a snowflake held in your hand. Freedom without fear is benediction. Freedom releases you to take responsibility for your choices-it allows you to see your "choices." Of course the whole notion of choices itself is a paradox.

Tarasa’s work has brought her into prisons, colleges and public and private schools, and non-profits.

As an entrepreneur and change agent, she has been the leader with the vision for revitalizing and founding several organizations that serve individuals, families, organizations, and communities. One of her greatest passions has been studying world religions. Her Doctorate’s of Divinity and Holistic Theology resulted in the publication of her first book.

Besides enjoying Tarasa’s Blog, there are at currently six opportunities for you to experience learning and growing with Tarasa: Consultations, Master Classes, One Retreats, Speaking Engagements, Ekam Circles, Publications.
Affiliations: Respect and love all world religions and Buddhism.
Education: Doctorate of Divinity
Doctorate of Holistic Theology
Master's of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor's of Science in Eduction and Social Services
Certifications: Many certifications including addictions and various energy healing modalities.
Memberships: National Association of Professional Women
Continential Who's Who
International Women's Leadership Association
International Association of Women
The Wellness Universe
Toastmasters International
Business Location:
P.O. Box 143
Manchester Center, VT 05255, United States
Business Phone: (802) 753-8357
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