Reverend Mary Scott Soo, M.D.
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Wedding Celebrant
Baby Blessing Ceremonies
Memorial Services
A Course in Miracles group facilitator
Invitation to Spiritual Reflection (INSPIRE) facilitator
Services Provided To: All
Groups Provided To: All
Bio: Greetings! My name is Mary Scott Campbell Soo, and I currently live in Durham, North Carolina. I grew up in the countryside near Richmond, Virginia, attending a nearby small Episcopal church. I left for college at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and after applying to medical school in my senior year, one of the last classes I took spring semester was my favorite—"World Religions". I was struck that the true essence of the religions we studied (Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism) was the same, and really no different from the heart of the Episcopal teachings I grew up with—unconditional love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. My opportunity to contemplate spirituality was short lived—I hid my feelings as I entered medical school. I underwent radiology residency training in Pittsburgh, then sub-specialty training in breast imaging at Duke University Medical Center, where I have since been on faculty as a breast imaging radiologist and researcher, working with women in the early detection of breast cancer.

On New Year's Day in 2002, I heard a voice saying, "It's time to give back." At that time, I not only had a busy breast imaging career, but was also raising two beautiful daughters and playing national and international ultimate frisbee tournaments. From that moment, however, my spiritual life, which had been left in the shadows of a busy medical career and other life events, started to emerge, and bloomed into a lifelong desire to remember the Love of God in all people and all things. In 2003, my sister gave me a copy of "A Course in Miracles", which has become my guiding spiritual practice since that time. I also began studying Buddhism and other world religions, embracing the similarities at the heart of them all.

In 2008, I became a hospice volunteer, and in 2009 was ordained as an interfaith minister through All Faith's Seminary International. In 2011, I trained as a chaplain intern at Duke University Hospital; simultaneously, within my breast imaging career, I began studying the spiritual needs of women during breast biopsy procedures, including the benefits of lovingkindness meditation in that setting. During this time, I also hosted and facilitated an "INSPIRE" (invitation to spiritual reflection) support group for over 10 years, and along with my fiancé Adrian have built a chapel (the Gratitude Chapel) at our new home "Love's Way". There, we have facilitated a bi-weekly "A Course in Miracles" group since 2017, among other mediation groups and interfaith spiritual retreats.

As an interfaith minister, I have also performed spiritual, humanist and religious weddings since 2012. Helping to develop completely personalized ceremonies and guide couples through the intimate and sometimes vulnerable moments leading to their wedding day results in life-long friendships and connection; being present in the precious moments celebrating the love and connection between the bride and groom during the ceremonies is always a complete delight!

I have also had a life-long passion for creating art, and in the past 20 years have focused on the preciousness of people and relationships in our lives. More recently I have produced more spiritually inspired works that I hope to share.

My friends refer to me as Mary Scott or Scotty. I look forward to meeting you!

Education: Duke University Chaplain Intern, 2011
All Faiths Seminary International, Ordained Interfaith Minister 2009
Duke University Department of Radiology, Breast Imaging Fellowship 1993
Duke University Department of Radiology, Pediatric Imaging Fellowship, 1992
Duke University Department of Radiology, Neuroradiology Fellowship, 1991-1992
Allegheny General Hospital, Department of Radiology, Radiology resident 1987-1991
Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University, Medical Doctor 1983-1987
Wake Forest University, BA in Biology, 1979-1983
Certifications: Angel Intuition and Healing Certification Training, 2020
All Faiths Seminary Wedding Intensive with Rev Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, 2020
Duke University Chaplain Intern, 2011
All Faiths Seminary International, Ordained Interfaith Minister 2009
Hospice Volunteer, Duke University Medical Center, 2008
Memberships: Society of Breast Imaging
Radiological Society of North America
American College of Radiology
World AWAKE Involvement: With gratitude to Rev. Susanna Macomb for her invitation and inspiration, I hope that my participation in World AWAKE can help me bring the light of interfaith connection to the Triangle area in North Carolina. The World AWAKE statement "Building bridges to a peaceful world community" encompasses what I hope my budding ministry at Love's Way can offer this community. Through our "tea on the patio" program, we hope to offer personal time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. For others, we invite one-on-one or small groups to "Become INSPIRED" (invitation to spiritual reflection and dialogue). Small group silent retreats and interfaith gatherings will be offered in our chapel, along with intimate weddings and other ceremonies. In addition, through spiritually-inspired art work, I hope to share loving-kindness, hope and compassion to those in need.
Business Location:
4519 Murphy School Road
Durham, NC 27705, United States
Business Phone: (919) 880-5689
Cell Phone: (919) 880-5689
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