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February 6th, 2020 Community Newsletter

Happy, Joy-Filled Hearts, !!!name!!!,

Board Chair's Message

We hope your New Year is already exceeding your desires and expectations. World AWAKE is so excited and delighted about all that is happening and unfolding.

It is with great pleasure to announce our new Board Treasurer, Rev. Patricia Cassinelli. We invite you to take a moment and read her professional background and previous service to World AWAKE within this newsletter. Thank you Rev. Patricia for all you are and do.

World AWAKE is proud to introduce our new reciprocal partner “Raising The Vibration.” They are a non-profit organization that was founded by Ordained Minister, Actress and Radio Hostess Rev. Sheena Metal. We have more information about Raising the Vibration further in this newsletter.

The 2021 retreat committee is formed. We have Rev. Teal Gray, Rev. Chris Moses and Rev. Sheryl Martin leading the committee. We will be meeting via Zoom this month to discuss retreat plans and I will be flying to Texas in April to visit the location we have voted on to explore as our next retreat. Stay tuned for pictures and more information.

We want to remind everyone that you all are invited to our retreat in 2021. Please feel free to bring your friends, family and business colleagues.

And may you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your friends and family.
Rhonda Schienle
Rev. Rhonda Schienle
Blessings and Gratitude
Rev. Rhonda Schienle

World AWAKE Board Chair

Welcome to our New Board Treasurer

Please join us in welcoming our New Board Treasurer, Rev. Patricia Cassinelli. We are in gratitude of her previous years of service to our organization as Membership Chair and she has graciously offered to be our Treasurer.

Rev. Patricia is a graduate of The New Seminary and founded her own practice A Wedding From the Heart in Manhattan, Kansas.

Please visit Patricia's Professional Profile page to learn more.
Patricia Cassinelli

New Reciprocal Partner

Rev. Sheena Metal is the founder of Raising the Vibration, a non-profit organization that is a global movement to help heal the nation and the planet through Peace, Love, Kindness and Unity.

Rev. Sheena is an Ordained Minister, Actress and Radio Hostess for LA Talk Radio.

Please check out her Professional Profile page and her LinkedIn pages.
Sheena Metal

Welcome to Our Newest Members

Pastor Ronn Oren - Clergy Fellow

Services Offered: Leadership Training
Pastoral Counseling

Services Provided To: Danville Christian Church
Leaders, Mentors, Clergy,
Church groups, Spiritual Care Providers.

Bio: I was reared in Farmland, Indiana. Really, the town is named "Farmland." Yes, there are buildings in Farmland and no, there aren't any stoplights. I was raised on a small family farm, and I had plans to have a career in agriculture. God had other plans! The Lord called me into professional ministry on the day I graduated from High School. I moved to Haviland, Kansas and attended Barclay College. At Barclay College, I met and married Yvette Sorensen. After graduating from Barclay, we moved back to Indiana and I attended Wesley Seminary until I graduated in 2001.

After serving as a pastor for eight years and a denominational superintendent for four years, I was hired as the Executive Director of Christian Service International. Christian Service International is a short-term sending mission agency that partners with 400 churches across the US to send short term mission teams to several countries to share the gospel through service projects.

Since 2012 I have served as a pastor with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ and currently reside in Danville, Indiana. I often lead a leadership workship called, "Next 2 Steps," which helps people discern the direction in life and/or ministry.

The best days of my life are when I spend time with my family. Yvette and I have three children, Tristan, Tiffany, and Tegan. I also enjoy reading, hiking and teaching.

My spiritual gifts include teaching, shepherding, and apostleship. My favorite way to "recharge" my batteries is to take a spiritual retreat day at a park or retreat center to break away from the normal routine of life.

Professional Profile Page
Ronn Oren
James Brilmyer - Spiritual Care Professional

Services Offered: I would like to see Out and About in every community world wide. Services offered as support, listening, guiding with resources.

Services Provided To: LGBTQ community

Groups Provided To: All LGBTQ

Bio: Out and About is dedicated to creating a safe place for all LGBT and family and friends. We value relationship and community. If you have a group event like going to dinner or a show and you would like others of the community to join post it on here. Jim Brilmyer is the founder of the group and spends much of his time creating new gay friendly contacts in the community. Together we are building a stronger support group. All are welcome. We have many various supporter to assist in your coming out process and for your special needs deailing with LGBT issues and personal issues. Join us today and enjoy the journey of living a life of Peace!

Professional Profile Page
James Brilmyer
Rev. Elizabeth Levy - Clergy Fellow

Services Offered: Marriage Ceremonies
Baby Blessings
Memorial Services
Middle Eastern and Sacred Dance
Astrology, Tarot, Numerology
Handwriting Analysis
Networking to Help Save and Place Pets/Animals

Services Provided To: All people, All Faiths, All Orientations

Bio: I am an ordained, registered interfaith minister in New York, NY. My ministry consists of officiating at weddings, baby blessings, and memorial services. I serve people of all ages, all faiths, all cultures, and all gender identities and all orientations. My specialty and style is informal and simple.

I also perform and teach belly dance (Middle Eastern dance), and am involved with group sacred dance performances.

I also do Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology readings, and Handwriting Analysis.

I was ordained by The New Seminary June 13, 1987 as an Interfaith Minister, and was registered by The City Clerk June 18, 1987.

My concept and belief in interfaith is celebrating the uniqueness, beauty, and differences of each and all the faiths and cultures, generations, and styles without the feeling of separateness. This allows the creating of the feeling and sense of oneness amongst the differences.

Professional Profile Page
Elizabeth Levy
Rev. Dr. James W. Strickland, PhD - Clergy Fellow

Services Offered: Pastoral counseling
Clinical Therapy
Marriage and Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Sexual orientation counseling
Trauma therapy

Services Provided To: Couples regardless of sexual orientation
Groups Provided To: Etoh clients
Sexually abused clients

Bio: Born in Opelika Alabama. Spent 22 years in the United States Airforce. Professional motivational speaker. Interfaith Minister.Married to Janyce Johnson Strickland for 58 years.

Professional Profile Page
James Strickland

New Business Affiliate

Oneness Interfaith Stoles has graced us with their professional creations of stoles and generous financial contribution in return for every Stole that is purchased through the website link above. All are welcomed to use this link to request your special orders. We appreciate you Stephanie at Oneness Interfaith Stoles for all you do for us.
Oneness Stole

Education (Online, On Demand, On Site)

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the online classes.

If you are interested in presenting an online class and you are one of our members, we have streamlined the submissions with this online form -

The World's Most Effective Prayer!

Instructor: Maryann Locaparra

Format: On Demand

Audience: All


Have your prayers been ineffective and boring? Does it you feel like God does not "hear" you?

You may be praying all wrong!

The benefits of enrolling and completing this course are:

  1. You will acquire the ability to utilize the 5 Steps of AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER to manifest your desires.
  2. You will understand the essential ideas and principles that make Affirmative Prayer powerful and creative.
  3. You will explore ways to quiet your mind and direct the Spirit within you.
  4. Discover how to effectively apply Affirmative Prayer to your life in order to transform your health, wealth, career, family relationships, romantic relationships – or any other area of concern.

Affirmative Prayer is effective because it offers a method that allows you to tap into the God-essence that resides at the center of your being. In order for this course to be effective, you must:

  1. Be willing to ACCEPT positive changes into your life.
  2. Be willing to ABANDON your old, powerless ideas about prayer.
  3. Have an OPEN heart and mind.
  4. Have a pen/pencil and paper ready to take NOTES and practice WRITING prayers.


Fees and Registration: Please see our Education page for additional details.
Effective Prayer
The World's Most Effective Prayer!

Energy Healing Sessions

Instructor: Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb

: One on one session

: By Appointment from February 1st, 2020 through March 31st, 2020

: One Hour

: On Demand

: World Wide

: One on One Energy Attunement Sessions for Healing, Transformation and Manifestation.

Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb has been teaching meditation and guiding energy sessions for 35 years. She serves as a bridge in times of change, loss, grief and illness. She has been instrumental in helping others experience mystical levels of consciousness. It is this inner work that led her to leave our corporate life thus transforming her life. She also credits this attunement in guiding her to create her own medical protocol to complete healing of Crohn's Disease and Cancer --- and transforming sickness into blessing.

Fees and Registration: Please see our Education page for additional details.
Susanna Macomb

Lovers in the Wilderness: Discover Your Path to Mystical Unity

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt

Meetings: 12 Wednesdays Meetings

Dates: February 5th, 2020 through April 22nd, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 pm EST

Format: Live Online

Audience: All are welcomed

Description: At the heart of our yearning, our Beloved waits to join us in mystical unity. In this class, we'll explore the "how to," concrete processes, for creating the conditions to invite what grace may reveal—those sweet, unforeseen, moments of mystical unity with our Beloved—those moments that leave us, still, silent, not where we began.

Fees and Registration: Please see our Education page for additional details.
Lovers in the Wilderness
Lovers in the Wilderness

Inspirational Quote

“True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of consciousness which goes through successive stages”

~ Ancient Egyptian Proverb
Book of Knowledge

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