Reciprocal Partners

The Tree of Life Interfaith Temple, Inc., is a non-denominational church, formed as a nonprofit corporation in the State of New Hampshire in September of 2009 and received 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code in June of 2010. The three-fold purpose for the formation of the church is to provide a place of worship, to offer educational and experiential programs and to ordain and oversee interfaith ministers as graduated from The Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary. We are a community of ordinary people forging the extra-ordinary mission to create a place where we may practice truly seeing the Divine within all peoples of all religions.

Our Founder

The Reverend Doctor Stephanie Rutt serves as the Presiding Minister of the Tree of Life Interfaith Temple, a non-denominational church she founded in 2009. She is the director of the Tree of Life School for Sacred Living and creator of the Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary, a two-year program, focused on the integration of prayer, meditation and spiritual practices from the world’s major faith traditions. The twenty-six module core curriculum, The Path of Crow: Journey to Your Inner Treasure, invites seminarians on the ultimate treasure hunt to discover their divine purpose and to offer their unique gifts in service to the greater good. An optional third year offers the Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program which trains seminarians, as well as health care professionals, in cultivating pastoral mentoring skills.



All Faiths Seminary International is an international interspiritual seminary established by Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman. His motto was “Never instead of, always in addition to”. He believed whatever your faith tradition is, go deeper into it, but in addition open your heart, ears and mind to the wisdom that is in the other faith and religious traditions. He believed God gave some of his wisdom to each religion, so if you want to learn all of God’s wisdom, we must talk to each other, learn from each other. AFSI offers a one year ministerial program leading to ordination. Each student receives a New York State certification as a legal minister with registration at the New York marriage License Bureau. The seminary offers various tracks of study and advanced degree programs in affiliation with Commonwealth Open University.

View All Faiths Seminary's Affirmations and Principles guide.
We are an educational and social good interfaith organization. We envision a world where people have good access to strategies, methods, and ideas that promote social harmony and enable bridge-building across divides. ​To us the term 'interfaith' means the continual improvement of interrelations between people who strongly believe in different worldviews. ​Our primary goal is to support and supplement new and ongoing efforts.

At World AWAKE, networking is one of the many great benefits of membership. You can connect formally or informally with organizations or individuals. Search our site to find fellow members with similar interests and talents, or perhaps learn something new from others unlike yourself. Opportunities to connect are endless.

Connect with fellow Interfaith-Interspiritual Clergy and interfaith activists, locally and around the world via:

  • World AWAKE classes, seminars and events
  • World AWAKE's friendly relations to Interfaith Minister groups in Canada, the UK, Asia pacific and Australia
  • Links and friendly relations to related organizations, including CIC_USA, Council for the Parliament of world religions (CPWR), Temple of Understanding and seminaries
  • World AWAKE’s relationship with Seminaries include: One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, New Vision Interspiritual Seminary, The New seminary, Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (CHiME), International academy of interfaith Studies, Tree of Life School of Sacred Living, One Spirit interfaith Foundation (UK), East-West Seminary, Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary, New Vision Interfaith Seminary
  • Connection opportunities for smaller regional gatherings or events for Interfaith and Interspiritual Clergy (currently Maine and California’s Bay Area are under discussion)
  • Publicize yourself, books, etc., among your peers in World AWAKE's monthly newsletter.

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