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Reverend Rhonda Schienle is currently serving as Board Chair for World AWAKE. She founded Interfaith Ministry Services, LLC in 2011 in her hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana where she enjoys officiating weddings, celebrations of life and spiritual baptism. One of Rev. Rhonda’s passions is Astrology. In 2017, she began her own publishing company and wrote her first book entitled Sister Sage’s Astrological Journeys. In 2018, she published her second Astrology book, Sister Sage’s Astrological Journey Continues.

Signed copy: Sister Sage’s Astrological Journey Continues

Cost: $12.50 (shipping rates apply)

Available to order from Amazon: Paperback (Amazon shipping rates apply), $12.50. Kindle (no shipping), $3.99.

Is there a cosmic or divine order that has rhyme and reason under the heavens? As our personal journey unfolds are there times and seasons where we have recognized history repeating itself? Let’s explore these theories as it relates to astrological cycles from years past to current day on an individual, collective and global level.
​We are an educational and social good interfaith organization. We envision a world where people have good access to strategies, methods, and ideas that promote social harmony and enable bridge-building across divides.
People are tired of the divisiveness and acrimony that permeates our society. They are seeking real, down-to-earth, and achievable bridge-building methods that go beyond clichés and platitudes. In response to an ever-growing need, Rev. Gudjon Bergmann, founder and lead educator at Harmony Interfaith Initiative, gathered ideas, tools, and strategies from Nobel Peace Prize laureates, ethicists, interfaith leaders, civil rights icons, ancient prophets, sociologists, and psychologist, with an intent focus on bridging divides. The outcome is a unique composition for people who are interested in working towards a harmonious society. The overarching goal is to improve relations between those who have strong ideological disagreements about everything from religion and politics to diet and spirituality. Described as "refreshing," "succinct, clear, and profound," and "offering practical and powerful wisdom," this earnest opus offers a soothing tonic to counter the disharmony in the world. Whether you are dealing with family discord due to politics, communal friction between religious sects, or wounds that are tearing at the fabric of society, you will find an array of methods, from new ways of thinking to a connective vocabulary, dialogue guidelines, co-human experiences, and more. By simultaneously providing strategies and encouraging people to find ways of their own, Rev. Bergmann urges 'the willing' to be actively hopeful and replace dread, irritation, and anxiety with dynamic contributions within their spheres of influence. In a content-rich addendum, readers will find responses from nineteen well-respected bridge-builders, including priests and rabbis, interfaith leaders and seminarians, business connectors and men's group operators, spiritual visionaries and psychologists, Holocaust educators and dialogue facilitators. The breadth and width of answers provide multiple variations on the theme. The book was created as an aid for people who want to build bridges and work towards social harmony and it can be of particular value to religious leaders, interfaith organizations, universities, police departments and their civilian training programs, civic engagement organizations, religious and spiritual congregations, community builders, prisons, social good organizations, workplaces, and nonprofit organizations. The publication is a joint venture between Harmony Interfaith Initiative and Flaming Leaf Press.
The world's religions are not the same, but they converge at the point of experience. Human beings are the common thread. The Experifaith model unveils the essential elements of human spirituality and demonstrates how they fit together.The faithful of all religions have used the model to reconnect to the fountains of their inspiration. The nones—people who call themselves spiritual-but-nonreligious—have used the model to see whether or not their spiritual approach is truly inclusive and comprehensive. Interfaith activists have used the model to facilitate a new type of interfaith dialogue. All have benefitted from the model's simplicity and inclusiveness.Clearly written, short, and sprinkled with interfaith wisdom, this book achieves the most difficult of feats, which is to simplify without diluting. It is for everyone who is interested in faith-based experiences, the exploration of individual spirituality, and is looking for a new approach to interfaith communications.
We at Oneness Interfaith Stoles will make a financial contribution to World Awake for every stole ordered from customers they refer to us.

Oneness Interfaith Stoles & More is organized exclusively to promote the furtherance of tolerance and respect for all religions and spiritual traditions.

We understand that our customers are to be valued and they deserve and must receive the best customer service. We choose our manufacturers by their integrity, their outstanding quality standards and excellent service to us.

We're proud of our mission and our people and are grateful for the opportunity to deliver high-quality, well-made and durable products that make a difference in the lives of our customers and all those they touch in their ministries.
Custom Interfaith stole.
Science of Mind stole.
Swami Sharadananda (Rev. Grace Telesco) is the Spiritual Director and senior Clergy at the Darshan center for spiritual Eolution. Rev. G has been initiated into the Sanyassi order in the Hindu Tradition under the linage of her Guru H.H.Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda Saraswati and shares insight into the vdic teachings and Philosophy of Yoga. Darshan (in Sanskrit means "visit with the Divine") is a collection of Sacred mantras put to Rev G.'s original music combining jazz, rock, and contemporary sounds that are transformative. Let the medicine of these Divine and Sacred Chants help to heal, transform, and bring you to DARSHAN! WWW.DARSHANCENTERWILTONMANORS.ORG 917-579-375 RevDRGTelesco@gmail.com
Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution
A Psychic's Story Series is inspired by You! There are handy tips and ideas for you to help you flex your intuitive muscles! You have asked me about how do I . . .? Here is the information you have asked for!
Wind Ridge Wood Crafts creates unique items for Spiritual Events. These include writing instruments, boxes, signs and other crafts. If you have an idea for a keepsake or questions about our items, please let me know.
White Cross on Sierra Elegant Beauty Black Titanium and Titanium Gold Pen. Beautiful nested cross on white marbled acrylic assembled on a Sierra Sierra Elegant Beauty Black Titanium and Titanium Gold pen kit. The Sierra pen kit is one of the most popular pen kits worldwide, with a nice balance of components and turnings for a wide variety of options. You can see part of the process of creating a similar pen at the following YouTube links: Purple Cross on Sierra Gold Turning and Purple Cross on Sierra Gold Sanding, Polishing and Finishing.
Wedding box for holding vows, poems and other items used during ceremony. Example shown is made with walnut posts and maple panels. A wide variety of hardwoods, including walnut, maple, cherry and oak are available. Names, dates and rings are carved into the wood, then painted black or other color upon request. Carving can be done on multiple surfaces of the box. Other carving designs are available. Wood finished with several layers of poly-acrylic or poly-urethane for a lifetime keepsake.
His and Hers Ring Bearer boxes. Available in several different woods with room for a short inscription inside or names on the outside.
Orion's Nebula on Gatsby Antique Copper. This pen uses a translucent, pearlescent combination of colors that shimmer in light with a beautiful antique copper component set for a modern, executive instrument.
Rev. Stephanie Rutt is an interfaith minister ordained in 2005 by the New Seminary for Interfaith Studies in New York City. She is founder of the Tree of Life Interfaith Temple and serves as Presiding Minister. She is also the founder and creator of the Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary and the Tree of Life School for Sacred Living, LLC, formally the Tree of Life Yoga Studio. In addition, in 2012, Rev. Rutt released The Interfaith Worship Manual and Living the Prayer of Jesus: A Study of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. Most recently, in 2014, she released Doorway to the Sacred: Transform Your Life with Mantra Prayer.
Lessons for Everyone from the Bhagavad Gita. A new translation by George Thompson is the backdrop for commentary and study guide by Stephanie Rutt. It can be used for individual or for group study. "This book is filled with real-world stories and examples of how ordinary people have found the courage to stand up and do what needs to be done."
This manual includes a wide variety of interfaith worship services spanning many faith traditions. It includes instruction on how to create worship services as well as sample services for all occasions.
This book is a guide to aligning with your inner Sacred and to creating a life of joy that expresses your inner Truth. Specific guidelines are provided for manifesting with mantra prayer as well as a detailed guide for creating your spiritual practice. Breath and mantra practice from across a variety of faith traditions are also included to help you on your journey. The book concludes with numerous stories, from participants in Rev. Rutt's classes over the years, sharing their experiences with mantra prayer.
Living the Prayer of Jesus - A Study of the Lord s Prayer in Aramaic is designed to awaken the ecstatic cry within each heart, the same ecstatic cry that gave birth to what is now Christianity. Examining the prayer through the lens of the Aramaic language, spoken by Jesus, we find expanded meanings to inform our lives today in ways most unexpected. For each line of the prayer there is a translation and discussion of meaning, sample biblical references and questions for personal or group reflection. In addition, there are sample prayers written by participants in classes offered at the Tree of Life School for Sacred Living in Milford, NH. Online study guide included.
This book is a testimony, grounded in research as well as mysticism, to what has long been my experience: that sacred sound is a portal into the heart of God, the silent mystery just beyond understanding, where we are touched by what we cannot name or speak, and left quiet and still, quivering with awe. And, nothing is the same.
My first published book through Amazon, "I Am Finally Me"
The author learned she could communicate with Angels when she was going through the hardest part of her life. Imagine being a child and knowing you did not belong to the family you were in. Everything that happened in the family, she took to heart - personally holding on to all the emotions and believing it was her fault.
My art work is inspired by the hope one can discover while living in chronic pain. Many of my images are used on a variety of products. Fineartamerica.com is where you can see a gallery of my work. Here is original work for purchase.
This painting tells the story of creation. It measures 30 x 40 inches.
This piece is whimsical and spiritual. Measures 11 x 14 inches, pastels and watercolor. $300.00. Buyer pays for shipping. I use PayPal.
An ethereal emotion in transition from thought to physical. 11 x 14 inches, pastels and watercolor. $275.00. Buyer pays for shipping. I use Paypal.
Wife and mother of 3 children. Now fully arrived into my adult life as a holistic counselor, shamanic practitioner, women's circles & retreat facilitator, leadership teacher, author, ordained minister.
Learning to practice and live in gratitude can bring you bounds of abundance in all areas of your life. The more you exercise your gratitude muscle the more natural it will become to just BE in gratitude in each moment of your life. Practice more gratitude and you will continue to have more things to be grateful for!
We have become a world of people who believe that all of us, including nature, are separate and disconnected from one another. Circles can make a difference in the world, moving us from separation to connection. If we participate and practice the guidelines of the circle, the ripple effect is put into play. We create a momentum ...
Interfaith minister Rev. Cynthia McCarthy created Spirit on the Spot, LLC in 2018. Cynthia feels compelled to bring progressive New Thought principles into the home, with inspirational messages of God's unconditional love and acceptance. Everyday products we see in our house can inspire us and remind us of our inherent connection to the Divine. Spirit is everywhere, always. The more we remember to seek, pray, unite, and accept, the easier it is to live in harmony and joy as God intends.
A beautifully designed conversation piece, this particular display tile makes a great gift for someone exploring their spirituality.
Decorate your life with positive, unifying, affirmative magnets! Recognize the power of God, Spirit, Universe, Source, and affirm your unity with whatever it is you desire. If God is LOVE, you are indeed LOVED. If God is PEACE, affirm you are PEACEFUL. Remind yourself that any attribute of Spirit is also present within YOU!
What better place to give thanks for the way nature provides all the food we eat, than a trivet on your kitchen table?
Maryann is the author of "Journal Like God: Harness The Creative Power Of The Universe Through Journal Writing" and "The Peephole Effect: Perception Is Everything".
Now is the time to take control of your life! Today is the day you can write your way to a more magnificent existence. Think your journals are private? Think Again. The Universe is reading your journals and taking creative action based upon their contents. This book explains in detail how to avoid the creative pitfalls of ordinary journaling; and instead write from your Highest Self perspective. There is remarkable power available to you and it can be accessed simply through writing in a journal. Learn how to use Spiritual Principles to turn your personal journal into a POWERFUL LIFE-CHANGING tool. Uncover your ego's limiting beliefs and align your thoughts to God's thoughts and write creatively from God's perspective.
Endorsed by Michael Bernard Beckwith! "Maryann Patalano (Locaparra) places before her readers an invitation to stop viewing their lives through a constricted peephole by expanding their inner vision to perceive the limitless possibilities just awaiting their acceptance. Written from the direct experience in the laboratory of her own consciousness, read this book and let its compassionate wisdom bless and transform your life." - Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder Agape International Spiritual Center, Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning
Books by Rev. Dr. Teal Gray
Shades of Angels looks at angels throughout history and explores how they touch every area of our lives. The book features original illustrations, photographs and personal stories from Teal L. Gray, Mark Fults, Tui Snider, Beth Deering and more. The book's contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems which creates added depth to this exploration of the widespread experience of the angelic realms.
Joining Hands and Hearts, Interfaith, Intercultural Wedding Celebrations, A Practical Guide for Couples (Simon and Schuster) by Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb is for couples and their clergy of all backgrounds who wish a heartfelt and inclusive wedding ceremony. Today couples of all faiths, colors and cultures are choosing an interfaith ceremony for its spiritually inclusive and personal approach. It is a way of rejoicing in our differences and celebrating our commonality in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect.

Joining Hands and Hearts will guide you in every aspect of planning and creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams—one that will resonate throughout your married life! As a pioneer in the interfaith community with her new approach to ceremony, Macomb's wedding book is considered by many to be the primer for creating interfaith and intercultural wedding services. Within its pages you will find the most complete manual of universal, religious and cultural rituals, prayers, vows and blessings available. Its extensive manual features 14 faith traditions, numerous humanist and universal elements, and dozens of cultures. Language is adapted so that it speaks to all hearts—in a way that no one is excluded or offended.

Spirituality is emphasized over religious dogma. Each ritual is detailed and explained for you, your families and your celebrant. Macomb offers warm and tender counsel on issues that may surface at the time of the wedding. Read how to approach your families and traditions with respect, love and understanding. Sprinkled throughout the text are inspirational love stories, quotes and the memorable ceremonies of many interfaith, interdenominational, non-denominational, intercultural, interracial and same-faith couples that Macomb has helped join in marriage. You are not alone!

If yours is an interfaith, intercultural or interracial union then you have already embraced a love that knows no boundaries. What could be more beautiful? Joining Hands and Hearts can help you celebrate your union with all the love, grace, and magic it deserves!

Interfaith, intercultural, and interracial couples bring healing and hope for all of us. Each intermarriage brings us one step closer to peace.
A step-by-step guide, Bless This Child, A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Baby Blessings Ceremonies, by Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb helps the reader create memorable interfaith baby blessing, baby naming,dedication and baptism ceremonies that reflect who the family is, how they feel and what they believe. Family members and guests are honored and included in new and meaningful ways. Within its pages is the most extensive menu of ceremonial elements available – traditions, rituals, poetry, prose, scripture, blessings, prayers, and quotes. Macomb has culled from the best traditions around the world and developed new ones, combining spiritual, cultural as well as humanist aspects. There are real-life family stories and sample ceremonies, as well as tender counsel for the interfaith family.

Modern, relevant and global, Bless This Child is also an excellent resource for clergy and humanist celebrants who serve interfaith, intercultural families – or those wishing to personalize their services.
Zen Wisdom for Your Everyday Life
Life tosses inscrutable situations our way all the time. Discover how all of life is a Zen Koan, and a new way to engage with it playfully.
Judaism and Zen are like two wings of a bird. Both are needed to fly. This book shares the essence and details of both practices and how they can enhance one another and enhance your life.
We are meant to be in love. Love energizes our daily existence, heals the body and mind and makes every moment precious. So why aren't we in love all the time? In Zen and the Art of Falling in Love, psychologist, relationship expert and Zen practitioner Brenda Shoshanna shows readers how to rejuvenate their romantic lives by combining a psychological understanding of relationships with the way of Zen practice. The lessons provided by such practices as Taking Your Shoes Off (Becoming Available), Sitting on the Cushion (Meeting Yourself), Cleaning House (Emptying Yourself) and Receiving the Stick (Dealing with Blows) can offer new insight into the common problems of miscommunication, lies, betrayal, jealousy, insecurity, loss, and disappointment. Using the lessons of Zen practice, you can open your life to love, fall in love—and stay in love.
Audio book. We often focus on habits that enable us to be effective, productive, to earn wealth. But what about our spiritual life? Shouldn't this be fostered with as much discipline as every other area of our lives? Daily Habits of Spiritual Renewal encourages a new way to approach life: by taking a little while each day to carve out time and space, you can make room for renewal, inspiration, compassion and connection. Slowly, you can change how you perceive life around you. As your focus changes, appreciation and gratitude will grow. Your relationships—and your life—will slowly become fulfilled in ways you could not imagine.
Natural Harmony Is All About Health and Healing
A memoir of my personal journey to wholeness through compassion, acceptance of what cannot be changed, and forgiveness.
The POWER OF LOVE through Swarovski Crystal Bracelets.

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What could be better than semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver or gold-filled accents, and amazing Divine Energy? A SALE! For a limited time, all Crystal Vibrations YANG design bracelets are on sale. Three sizes and your choice of gold or silver in designs suitable for men and women. (Sale excludes Animal Communication, ArchAngels, Giving Back and all Yin designs).

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Sacred Energy Infused Lapis Lazuli, Jeff P'an Crystal & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet by Crystal Vibrations Jewelry
LOVE Infused Swarovski Crystal Bracelet by Crystal Vibrations Jewelry
ALLOW & RECEIVE! These Swarovski crystal jewels have been lovingly handcrafted and energetically cleared and infused with the blessings of Allowing and Receiving.
ALLOW & RECEIVE! This genuine Labradorite gemstone, Swarovski crystal and 14k gold-filled or sterling silver bracelet has been energetically cleared and infused with the blessings of Allowing & Receiving.
Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT is a spiritual mentor, author, interfaith minister, yoga & meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and seasoned group facilitator. She values authentic, inspiring, heart-centered, and nurturing community. Rev. Connie is committed to sharing simple and accessible spirituality, presence, and deep nature connection through her retreats, online courses, workshops, and individuals sessions.
Do you find your usual approaches to anxiety (yoga, prayer, meditation) are not bringing the long-lasting, inner peace you truly desire? Awakening from Anxiety author and counselor, Connie Habash, has helped hundreds of spiritual people like you overcome fear and anxiety, regain happiness, and feel more calm within.

Competent, spiritual people suffer from anxiety and depression too: Spiritual people often find that their own expectations of living a life dedicated to a higher power makes them more susceptible to high-functioning anxiety. Sometimes, traditional relaxation techniques either do not work, don't last, or, in some cases, actually increase their anxiety.

Upcoming Book Events
Awakening from Anxiety front cover with photo of author Connie Habash November 2 | Awakening from Stress and Anxiety Workshop, At Unity San Jose, Los Gatos, CA The missing keys to managing anxiety: Psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and interfaith minister Rev. Connie L. Habash shows us a way to transform our perceptions using mindful awareness, in order that we may live divinely inspired lives. In over 25 years as a counselor helping spiritual people overcome anxiety, Rev. Connie has taught that it takes more than chanting mantras, stretching, or relaxation techniques to calm anxiety. It requires a transformation in perception, moment-to-moment body awareness, and a conscious response to thoughts and emotions.

Awakening from Anxiety provides valuable psycho-spiritual tools to deepen spiritual awakening and calm fears:

Learn what anxiety is and when it becomes a problem
Understand the 6 mistakes spiritual people make that increase anxiety
Discover the 7 keys to a more calm, confident, courageous life
Know how to break through the old patterns of stress, worry, and fear into a new perception of your true self

If you enjoyed Stop Anxiety from Stopping You and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, Awakening from Anxiety will take your healing and renewal from anxiety to the next level.
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